4 Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

Many organizations transition to cloud-based solutions only to find themselves facing a highly complex computing landscape. This commonly occurs when multiple data centers are used across the business. When data center use becomes unnecessarily convoluted, data center consolidation is a highly attractive option.

Data center consolidation primarily involves merging two or more data center services, essentially transitioning to a single provider. Along with reducing complexity, data center consolidation can reduce costs, ensure optimal resource usage, and much more. Here’s a closer look at four benefits of data center consolidation.

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4 Benefits of Data Center Consolidation

1. Streamlined Infrastructure Management and Control

When organizations consolidate their data center usage, it provides them with a significantly simpler IT landscape. There are fewer assets to oversee and manage, which can streamline network mapping, data flow, security, and other aspects of providing a functional, secure environment.

Consolidation also provides organizations with far more control. There are fewer systems to navigate, making it easier to manage access and usage across the organization. It also centralizes all activities, leading to greater visibility and making efficiency easier to achieve.

2. Reduced Data Center Costs

Data center consolidation creates opportunities for significant cost savings. By bringing everything under one data center, there’s greater visibility. In turn, there’s less chance of underutilized resources lingering and generating unnecessary costs.

By working with a single data center, many organizations also receive better overall contract terms. Even if the resulting arrangement is similarly sized to the previous unconsolidated version, companies may receive a better deal since they’re centralizing their data center use with a single provider.

3. Better Security Posture

Complex tech landscapes are inherently more challenging to secure than efficiently designed solutions. Multiple data centers mean security efforts are spread across a variety of systems. Additionally, since each data center may operate differently, ensuring each one is adequately addressed to meet security requirements is typically cumbersome.

By consolidating data centers, there are fewer potential points of entry and attack surfaces. The smaller perimeter is also easier to oversee, monitor, and secure. Additionally, compliance is often easier to maintain as there are fewer systems involved. As a result, organizations usually have a more robust overall security posture after consolidation, particularly if they consolidate with a provider known for robust security.

4. Simplified Disaster Recovery

Creating a reliable disaster recovery plan in a multi-data center environment is incredibly challenging. Each data center requires its roadmap, and navigating them all during a crisis is potentially a cumbersome task.

Consolidating data centers means a single disaster recovery plan can address all of the organization’s needs. Then, if the unexpected occurs, the company can follow one roadmap to get back up and running, leading to less downtime and fewer complexities along the way.

Are You Looking for the Right Data Center Consolidation Partner?

Data center consolidation requires a reliable, experienced partner who can streamline the process while offering a top-quality solution. At Colo Solutions, our data center services are designed to provide secure environments with robust computing power. Additionally, as an edge data center provider, Colo Solutions offers best-in-class connection speeds, allowing organizations to increase efficiency and secure the best possible user experience. If you’d like to find out more about why Colo Solutions is your ideal solution, contact us today.


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