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Multi-Tenant Edge Data Center Services

Give your end users the fastest connections and richest experience with your applications as close to the target as possible.

Eliminate latency issues and improve the digital experience of your users with our best-in-class edge data center solutions.

Establish presence with our colocation Data Center in downtown Orlando and deploy your content as if you were local.

What Is an Edge Data Center, and Why Are Edge Computing Services Needed?

An edge data center refers to a compact facility strategically positioned near the network’s periphery, offering cached content and cloud computing resources to end-users and devices. Opting for content at the edge brings forth numerous benefits. Firstly, edge data centers possess the ability to deliver the same services as conventional data centers, but within a smaller physical space. Moreover, their proximity to end users enables them to distribute content swiftly and with minimal latency, enhancing the overall user experience. These data centers employ edge computing, a distributed IT structure that processes client data as close to the source as feasible. This approach ensures efficient and prompt data processing, leading to reduced network congestion and improved performance.


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The Benefits of Computing on the Edge

Edge computing services allow users to unlock a plethora of benefits that will help them improve the overall performance of their websites and projects and deliver a better user experience. Some of the most prominent advantages that edge computing services provide include:

Enhanced efficiencies

Edge computing optimizes the user’s devices and systems because it provides helpful insights and real-time analytics that organizations can use to improve their network.

Minimized latency

Because edge data centers are located near the end users, it enables them to cache and deliver the client’s content and data faster, reducing the time it takes for them to load.

Improved security

Edge data centers process data within the edge instead of the central server, which reduces the number of data transfers between a device and a central server, improving the integrity of the data.

Increased uptime

Edge computing ensures that all IoT devices are always on and running, allowing for better uptime.

Decreased costs

The data is processed in the same place where it was generated, which reduces bandwidth usage and the overall operational costs of the company because it does not need to move data to the cloud.

Why trust our Edge Data Center service?

Multi-tenant data center

Deploy your content from our Tier-3 edge data center and connect with the best bandwidth providers on the market.

Industry-leading availability

Our edge data center solutions are deployed from our top-tier, N+1 redundant data center, which comes with 99.999% uptime, for enterprises who demand no downtime.

Access to emerging markets

With Colo Solutions’ edge data center services, you will be able to reach users in Orlando and Central, Florida and provide them instant access with no interruptions.

expert support

Leave your website and projects in the capable hands of our experts and rest assured that there is always someone to help you with any issue you might have.

Advanced security

Store your data in our highly secure facility that is monitored 24/7 and uses uniquely-keyed locking cabinets for your equipment to prevent unauthorized access to your data or devices.

Edge Computing Services for Businesses targeting Orlando and Nearby Cities

Central Florida is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.   As your business grows here, so will the data you use in your everyday operations. As a result, it is imperative your network and content distribution keeps pace to ensure your growing customer base can access your applications with speed.

Our multi-tenant, carrier neutral data center is located in the central business district of Orlando, Florida, in close proximity to many emerging markets. We provide robust edge computing solutions powered by redundant power systems, ensuring that you can access your data at all times.

Do Your Customers Need Speed at the Edge?

With Colo Solutions’ high-quality edge data services, you can offer your customers an unparalleled user experience. Utilize our exceptional edge data center to deploy your content and say goodbye to concerns about latency issues and downtime.

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Approval processes with large organizations are longer than they should be.  We prioritize swift response times to ensure your evolving IT needs are promptly met.  

We excel in quick decision-making and rapid deployment, enabling us to customize offerings to meet demand of our customers.


You deserve a personal touch with one-on-one client connections.  At Colo Solutions, we provide a level of care and involvement you won’t see from the big names in the data center industry.  

We aim to be your trusted resource whenever you require assistance with a personal touch.


Our colocation services can help you reduce your costs eliminating the need for you to manage and maintain your own data center space.

We supply you with all the extras that come with having your own data center, including an operational and security staff, power supplies, and cooling systems, enabling you to dedicate your resources to your core business activities and leave the rest to us.


We are here to help you grow your business, reach emerging markets with ease, and connect with customers in an instant. Our facility is built to sustain and support the needs of any type of business, no matter how big or small.


Our vast infrastructure is powered by two independent utility feeds, redundant generators and UPS backup systems that ensure your services are available to your end users 24/7.


We strive to protect our clients’ mission critical IT functions enabling them to better serve their customers and communities.   Our desire is to create eternal value and human flourishing by conducting business and caring for people in a way that honors God.