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Colo Solutions Customer, The St. Paul Group, Launches Internet Exchange (DACS-IX South) at Colo Solutions’ Data Center in Orlando


Orlando, FL – December 10, 2019 – Colo Solutions is pleased to announce that The St. Paul Group has chosen Colo Solutions’ downtown carrier neutral data center for the launch of an Internet Exchange (IX) in Orlando, FL. DACS stands for “Dynamic Access and Cross-Connect System” and the Orlando location will be DACS-IX South. This new service will bring established peering technology to Orlando’s technology landscape. This will be the second IX for The St. Paul Group. The St. Paul Group established an IX in Baltimore, MD (DACS-IX East) in September of 2019.

Peering is an established technology that connects internet-based networks to exchange traffic. Although this technology can solve other business-related needs – many members participate in public peering to:

  • Reduce Internet Protocol (IP) Transport costs
  • Reduce network performance latency
  • Reduce dependency on transit providers leading to more network resiliency

DACS-IX utilizes peering technology in its four distinct offerings: public peering, private peering, inter-exchange peering, and direct internet.

Colo Solutions’ President, Clayton Mynard, says, “As one of Orlando’s original telecom hotels, Colo Solutions’ density of networks and carriers makes it an ideal location for an Internet Exchange to support the growth of the I-4 corridor and is honored that The St. Paul Group chose Colo Solutions.”

The St. Paul Group’s President, John Hartlove says, “Over the past decade our reliance on data has grown exponentially. As 5G and other new technologies emerge, and data continues to grow, we must ensure that nothing becomes a barrier to innovation. Be it bandwidth, latency, or network availability we take this step to make sure Baltimore and Orlando are on the forefront.”

Although “internet exchanges” exist in many other parts of the country – DACS-IX fills a gap in geographical coverage and will service metropolitan areas that need this technology.

Colo Solutions has been a reliable provider of carrier-neutral data center colocation services for over 20 years in Orlando with a reputation for “always on” and has expanded into private cloud services, back-up and storage as well. Colo Solutions continues to invest in the latest technologies and DACS-IX south is evidence of Colo Solutions’ ongoing commitment to innovation.

The St. Paul Group is celebrating it’s 50th year in Baltimore in 2020 and offers solutions in both data analytics and connectivity. With five decades of expertise in Maryland hospital data analytics and developing proprietary software to assist the health care industry; rest assured that The St. Paul Group can be relied upon for years to come. The St. Paul Group expanded into providing innovative connectivity solutions to a variety of industries approximately 20 years ago and continuing that innovation, DACS-IX is being delivered to Orlando by a trusted partner that helps businesses achieve their goals.


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