Why MSPs Need a Data Center as a Strategic Partner

Managed service providers (MSPs) are increasingly becoming the go-to solutions for companies seeking IT services. However, MSPs also need effective partnerships to support their operations. One critical partner is a reliable data center.

Having a data center as a strategic partner provides MSPs – and their customers – with a wide array of benefits. Here’s a look at why partnering with a data center is a wise move for MSPs.

A data center partnering with msps

Secure, Dependable Environment

Data centers have secure facilities that are designed explicitly to support critical infrastructure and computing equipment. They’re designed to offer high-speed connectivity to ensure accessibility, all while making sure that hardware and other infrastructure are suitably protected from theft or unauthorized handling.

By choosing the right data center, you can also access colocation services. With colocation, MSPs have a place to house their own servers or customer equipment safely and securely, all while placing their technology in an environment that offers superior connectivity and ample security.

Backups and Redundancy

When an MSP partners with a data center, effective backup management and redundancy are far easier to achieve. Data centers can provide backup-related services, ensuring critical data is appropriately safeguarded and easier to recover should disaster strike.

Additionally, data centers can provide a pathway for redundancy. Redundancy ensures that a single system failure doesn’t take an MSP or its customers entirely offline, providing solutions that support business continuity.

Uptime Guarantees

MSP customers have expectations regarding asset accessibility. If an MSP fails to provide near 100% uptime – with five nines typically being viewed as the gold standard – they’ll likely lose customer and contracts, as well as harm their reputations.

By partnering with a data center, you can ensure your clients get the accessibility they expect. Data centers often offer uptime guarantees, outlining what you can expect from them as a provider. As a result, you can select a data center that exceeds the needs of your MSP and its clients, ensuring the stored information is reliably accessible.


As an MSP, growth is typically a core business goal. By partnering with a data center, it’s also easier to achieve. Data centers offer scalability far beyond what an MSP can typically support on its own, allowing them to bring new customers on board quickly. Plus, if an MSP ever needs to scale back, data centers make doing so cost-effective, ensuring you’re not paying for space that’s not getting utilized by your MSP or its customers.


While MSPs are often technology experts, partnering with a data center provides targeted expertise related to data management and housing. Data center professionals understand what it takes to effectively and efficiently store and safeguard company information, making them an excellent resource. Along with providing guidance to the MSP, the data center professionals can make sure an MSP’s customers are using the service in an optimized way, allowing the MSP to provide even more value to its clients.

Are You an MSP Looking for a Strategic Data Center Partner?

As an MSP, you need more than a data center to support your operations; you need a strategic partner. Here at Colo Solutions, we offer an array of services designed to meet the needs of discerning MSPs that prioritize reliability, scalability, and robustness. If you’d like to learn more about how Colo Solutions can help you take your business to the next level, contact us today.

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