Why Your Business Needs Data Hosting & Data Storage

No matter the size of your business, you still have IT needs that need to be met. Whether you’re a small business keeping track of a few accounts or a large organization with 500 employees, you have to be able to store your data and host that data somewhere.

When you use in-house data hosting and data storage, you end up incurring additional costs such as an IT person, maintaining equipment and backup, and more. Here are some reasons why your business in Orlando, Space Coast, Tampa, and other areas in Florida should consider using the cloud for data hosting and data storage.

1. Using The Cloud For Data Storage And Data Hosting Reduces Your Costs.

When you host and store your data at your business, you use more equipment that has to continually be updated. You also have to have an employee on-site who has the knowledge to effectively manage your company data and hosting. Using the cloud helps to reduce these costs, as you no longer need to update equipment or pay a full-time employee to handle these issues.

2. A Cloud Provider Can Handle Any Software Updates Needed Without Someone In Your Office Needing To Spend Time On Those Updates.

When you have a cloud provider, they can set the software to automatically update or manage the update process for you. This means your in-office staff is freed up to focus on other aspects of your day-to-day operations.

3. Cloud Data Storage And Hosting Make It Easy To Share Files And Information.

If your employees are in the building, at a coffee shop, or scattered across the country, using cloud data storage and data hosting creates an easy, fast way to transfer any company information. In today’s modern workplace, many workers are remote and need a reliable way to access company information vs. that information being hosted at one physical location.

4. A Reputable Cloud Data Storage Provider Comes With Reliability And Security.

When you choose a cloud provider with a good reputation such as Colo Solutions, you get a data storage provider that supplies security and reliability. At Colo Solutions, we provide redundant power and cooling systems to keep all equipment at optimal conditions. We also have a facility that has high physical security and our equipment is secure as well as our connection.

5. Remote Cloud Data Storage Is Eco-Friendly And Energy-Efficient.

Having physical equipment at your office only helps to drive up your energy costs. It also means that you are using more resources and equipment to run data hosting. When you use the cloud, you reduce the amount of energy used to store data and thus reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Are You Searching For A Data Storage And Data Hosting Provider?

At Colo Solutions, we are downtown Orlando’s leading data hosting and data storage provider, with colocation services, virtual desktop hosting, and more. We provide services to businesses in Orlando, Space Coast, Tampa, and surrounding Florida areas, as well as clients across the United States. Contact us today at (407) 210-2480 to learn more about our secure and reliable data storage and data hosting services.


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