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Edge data center in Orlando, FL.

Edge Data Center Located in Downtown Orlando, FL

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Edge computing services for businesses in Orlando and nearby cities.

Edge computing can reduce latency issues, as it takes less time for the data to reach a device.

As data needs continue to grow, your network and content distribution will need reinforcements. Businesses will need to expand their compute, data storage, and content distribution strategies to use the edge so devices won't experience latency and other issues.

That's where edge computing comes in. Our multi-tenant data center provides edge computing services in the Orlando, FL metro area. Learn more about edge computing services and why your business may need this service as technology continues to expand into the next decade.

What Is Edge Computing & Why It's Needed

At its core, edge computing means putting data and compute resources “closer to the eyeballs” or end-users. Traditionally, large enterprises stored their data and performed their computations in a few “mega” data centers and delivered the data back and forth across the country via networks and the internet. This can increase latency, or the delay in time the end-user experiences when accessing the data, whether it be a website or corporate applications.

With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and coming 5G applications, the volume of data is expected to increase by orders of magnitude and the need for increased latency is becoming more and more critical. In fact, around 45% of IoT data will be processed, stored, and analyzed at the edge—making edge data centers critical.

For example, due to the safety issues with self-driving cars, it is predicted huge improvement will be required in latency. Advancements in other areas will also require faster processing power, such as:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Supercomputers
  • Gaming
  • Streaming shows and movies

Compute, storage, and network connectivity at the edge are needed to deliver high-quality services with geographically distributed resources so that as technology such as devices, sensors, meters, and more continue to grow and generate huge amounts of data, we have the local data available to keep up with the demand.

In some cases, small container data centers are being deployed at the base of cell towers or on factory floors as an edge strategy. However, these present issues with respect to obtaining power and procuring maintenance and support. Colo Solutions’ location and resources avoid that by providing all of the required components of a fully functional data center that is located at the center of the Orlando metro area.

You can perform your processing at our edge data center as opposed to sending the data all the way back across the country to a distant mega-data center. The growth of connected devices, sensors, meters, and more are generating huge amounts of data that is expensive to transmit over networks and can be more efficiently processed closer to the device.

The Benefits of Computing on the Edge

Many companies such as Google and Netflix have already begun using edge computing. This gives end-users a quicker, easier way to stream videos and movies without dealing with latency and buffering. So even though Netflix may be located halfway across the country, that person is still able to efficiently stream movies because Netflix is sending data through a 3rd party colocation services provider.

Edge data centers also provide more security. In the event of a DDoS attack, it's more difficult to take down several servers with data spread across them versus one central location. This method is also more scalable—if a business wants to expand its services into a new market, it simply has to partner with a local data center instead of rebuilding the entire IT network.

Data can also be rerouted in the event of an attack, keeping business-critical data available and helping to reduce any potential downtime.

Does your business require edge computing services?

Multi-tenant data centers like Colo Solutions are located in core metro markets like Orlando with huge populations but with none of the mega data centers in the immediate area. Colo Solutions is a carrier-neutral network provider with all of the facilities-based carriers and networks having equipment in Colo Solutions' meet me room.

At Colo Solutions, we provide edge computing services in the Orlando area for many businesses. Don't suffer latency issues by using a mega data center elsewhere in the country. Call us today at (407) 210-2480 to learn how our edge multi-tenant data center can help your business.

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