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Virtual Cloud Services Located in Downtown Orlando, FL

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We offer fast, secure nationwide cloud services and virtual colocation solutions through our Orlando-based central Florida data center.

Our cloud and virtual colocation solutions include secure, remote access to applications and data with power-loss protection.

Servers in a cabinet at our data center located in Orlando, FL.

Our cloud and virtual colocation solutions offer secure data storage and access without the need for on-site hardware or IT management. Many businesses and organizations rely on data storage at their own facilities. Problems with power-loss, data loss, and obsolete hardware can interfere with productivity.

Our virtual solution allows companies to store data and applications using our cloud services to be accessed only by authorized users from any internet connected device.

Virtual Colocation Service Eliminates the Need for On-site Servers

Our service essentially eliminates the need for physical infrastructure. Before the emergence of cloud technology, data was stored on-site in a server room or data closet or colocated in a data center. Redundant IT infrastructure was unaffordable to most small and medium businesses.

Our virtual colocation service or virtual data center offers fast and reliable compute, storage, and networking (or just infrastructure/converged infrastructure) without the need for expensive hardware and maintenance.

Some companies already have hardware on-site but need to expand. We offer a hybrid option, which can grant you virtual infrastructure to supplement the physical infrastructure you already have. It may be useful for seasonal businesses or for companies looking to expand without having to purchase additional equipment.

Access is fast, secure, and reliable. Optional services include automatic back-up and quick restore services to prevent data loss and provide protection from malicious actors.

Available Off-site Backup and Hardware Snap-shots in Conjunction with Backup and Restoration Keeps Data Secure

Data loss can be devastating for a business, but we have put multiple systems, including firewalls, in place to ensure your work is protected and quickly restorable.

In the event of data loss, due to accident or malicious acts, options available include providing hardware snapshots for immediate restoration in the event of large data loss such as a crypto-locker or ransomware attack, as well as file-level restoration to recover accidentally deleted files. We also have advanced offsite backup and replication options available to provide copies of your backups and live data at an offsite location in the Mid-Atlantic for additional data redundancy and protection from catastrophic events.

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At Colo Solutions, we’ve grown into one of the largest data centers in central Florida, conveniently located for areas such as Space Coast, Tampa, Daytona Beach, and more. Our cloud and virtual colocations services are backed by our “always on” multi-redundant power system with UPS backup so you will have access 24/7.

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