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A diagram of how our cloud based services work for our customers.

Virtual Cloud Server 

Get excellent cloud services that will allow you to automate, manage, and optimize your workspace both on-site and on the cloud. Deploy your cloud and access all the applications and resources you need instantly on any device.

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What Is a Cloud Server and Its Benefits?

A cloud server uses a network of computers to host and deliver resources to customers over the Internet. Multiple users can access it simultaneously, and it can perform all the same functions as a physical server.

Cloud servers provide an affordable, scalable, and fast VPS service that you can access remotely from anywhere in the world.

Why Trust Our Cloud Services?

• Hybrid Option

We offer a virtual infrastructure that you can use to supplement the physical infrastructure you already have.


Performance Computing 

We offer fast, secure cloud services and virtual colocation solutions nationwide through our Orlando-based, central Florida data center. 


• Cost-Effective and Convenient

Our virtual cloud services eliminate the need for on-site servers. We provide fast and reliable computing, storage, and networking, and decrease your costs because you won’t need to buy and maintain expensive hardware.


• Industry-Leading Secure Backups

Our VPS service comes with advanced off-site backup and replication options that store your backups and live data at an offsite location. Additionally, we provide hardware snapshots for immediate restoration, and file-level restoration to recover accidentally deleted files. 


• Top-Grade Networking Performance

At Colo Solutions, we provide cloud services that are powered by a top-tier, sustainable, and N+1 redundant data center with tier-4 power delivery and connectivity and a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

A Perfect Environment for Your Cloud Services

Take full advantage of all cloud capabilities and build a strong, secure infrastructure where you can grow your business as much as you want.

• A Private Network

Get a private network that is completely isolated from everyone else. 


• Performance Monitoring

Monitor your system performance in real-time. Stay up-to-date on any metric changes from any device.


• Block Storage

Enjoy low latency and high-performance volumes and easily add them to your cloud service.


• On-Demand Resources

With our VPS service, you will get all the resources you need on demand, with the click of a button.

An Ideal Solution for Any Workload

With a Colo Solutions virtual cloud server, you can develop and deploy your projects easily and efficiently, regardless of their size. 

• Cloud computing

You can set up multiple cloud servers, build your cloud computing platform, and deploy workloads of all sizes.


• Scalable eCommerce servers

Support all kinds of traffic fluctuations and lower your costs by distributing loads between one or more front and back-end servers.


• Institutional and educational use

Create your courses and sessions and offer the best live training program with custom audio and video files.


• IT infrastructure

If you host your infrastructure on a cloud server, you can run crucial services like intranet and email apps from one point while making them available to all employees globally.

Explore Our Virtual Colocation Service

Enjoy the limitless opportunities that cloud services bring and eliminate the need for physical infrastructure. Move your network to our cloud and leave it in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• How does the Colo Solutions cloud virtual server for VPC work?

Our virtual solution enables businesses to store data and apps using our cloud services. Your cloud network can be accessed by authorized users only across all devices. 

• Why is it called a cloud server?

It’s called the cloud because it uses a network of remote servers to perform different functions and provide resources instead of using a physical server. 

• How much does a cloud server cost?

The price of a cloud server depends on the provider, the features, and the data storage you need. However, most businesses spend $40-$300 per month for cloud services.

• Will my data be safe?

Cloud servers provide robust security features, including firewalls, anti-virus software, DDoS protection, monitoring, and data-loss prevention protocols so that your data is safe.

• How do I back up data to a cloud server?

Most top cloud service providers offer multiple backup options, including daily, automatic, and off-site backups which can be accessed from anywhere.

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At Colo Solutions, we’ve grown into one of the largest data centers in central Florida, conveniently located for areas such as Space Coast, Tampa, Daytona Beach, and more. Our cloud and virtual colocations services are backed by our “always on” multi-redundant power system with UPS backup so you will have access 24/7.

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