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Remote Work and WFH – DaaS or Desktop as a Service vs. Colocation.

Remote Work and WFH – DaaS or Desktop as a Service vs. Colocation.

The latest business disaster that many businesses did not contemplate was the stay at home order and lock down associated with the pandemic. Many of Colo Solutions’ customers were able to seamlessly transition to their workforce working from home. Some use Colo Solutions’ DaaS services and others collocate their own equipment in Colo Solutions’ data center.

Virtual Desktops, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

DaaS also known as virtual desk tops or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or remote desk tops has been a great help to businesses during the pandemic. Colo Solutions’ existing DaaS customers were able to easily transition to working from home during the pandemic as the infrastructure provided by Colo Solutions was already in place. Colo Solutions customers that already found the VDI use case beneficial in situations where they had numerous remote offices, or a highly variable work force, among other things, discovered the additional benefit of being able to easily transition to work from home. Perhaps the biggest benefit of DaaS or VDI to a small or medium sized enterprise is the personal support services and management provided by Colo Solutions’ staff to deliver the VDI infrastructure and services and assist with the transition to WFH. Please see our Blog entitled “Physical Desktop vs. Virtual Desktop for Your Business” for a deeper discussion.

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