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Physical Desktop vs. Virtual Desktop for Your Business

Physical Desktop vs. Virtual Desktop for Your Business

Considering a switch to virtual desktops or remote desktops involves many factors for a business, including cost, needs of their employees, and computing and storage requirements.

If your business is in Orlando, Space Coast, Tampa, or surrounding areas and is looking into the option of virtual desktop hosting, then here is a comparison between virtual desktops and maintaining on-premise personal computers, servers and related hardware which, for the purposes of this article, we will refer to as “physical desktops”.

Virtual Desktops Benefit Both Remote Employees & Employers

More and more businesses are starting to employ remote workers as telecommuting increases in popularity. Around 50 percent of the U.S. population works remotely at some point during the week, according to Forbes. Those remote workers are often accessing company files via their personal computers, meaning your business may not have control over their security at home.

Using a virtual desktop provided by Colo Solutions allows businesses to assert more control over security of their data. Your virtual desktop data is stored at a secure data center and you have the option to set security policies and protocols to prevent the data from being downloaded to anyone's personal device. So, if an employee's laptop is stolen, the data is password protected and your company data is still protected.

Smaller businesses are especially at risk for data...

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