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Why Your Business Needs Data Hosting & Data Storage

Why Your Business Needs Data Hosting & Data Storage

No matter the size of your business, you still have IT needs that need to be met. Whether you’re a small business keeping track of a few accounts or a large organization with 500 employees, you have to be able to store your data and host that data somewhere.

When you use in-house data hosting and data storage, you end up incurring additional costs such as an IT person, maintaining equipment and backup, and more. Here are some reasons why your business in Orlando, Space Coast, Tampa, and other areas in Florida should consider using the cloud for data hosting and data storage.

1. Using the cloud for data storage and data hosting reduces your costs.

When you host and store your data at your business, you use more equipment that has to continually be updated. You also have to have an employee on-site who has the knowledge to effectively manage your company data and hosting. Using the cloud helps to reduce these costs, as you no longer need to update equipment or pay a full-time employee to handle these issues.

2. A cloud provider can handle any software updates needed without someone in your office needing to spend time on those updates.

When you have a cloud provider, they can set the software to automatically update or manage the update process for you. This means your in-office staff is freed up to focus on other aspects of your day-to-day operations.

3. Cloud data storage and hosting make it easy to share files and information.

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The Importance of Data Center Compliance to Your Business

The Importance of Data Center Compliance to Your Business

In late 2018, Marriott informed the world that around 500 million of its customers had lost information to cyber thieves from 2014-2018. This data breach was large and went undetected for four years. Their information needed to be more secure and not as easily accessible. Other massive data breaches have affected millions of people and cost companies millions of dollars in lawsuits, all because they had a weakness in their security that hackers were able to exploit. One way to help prevent data breaches is by selecting a secure data center to store your data.

When you're searching for a data center to house your business's critical information, make sure the data center is compliant with your industry. You alone are responsible for ensuring your business data is secure at all times, so it's vital to be discerning when choosing where that data is stored.

If you're in Florida areas such as Orlando, Space Coast, Tampa, or Daytona Beach, here are reasons why you should be searching for a data center that meets compliance standards.

What Exactly Is Compliance & Why Is it Important

Compliance standards, also referred to as data center security standards, help ensure that data centers are using best practices for data protection. Standards vary between the different types, but there are several types of compliance that data centers can be audited and assessed for to prove that they are secure enough to store various types of ...

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What Is a Carrier-Neutral Data Center?

What Is a Carrier-Neutral Data Center?

When considering a data center, there are many options to think about, but one that should be looked at is whether or not the data center is carrier neutral. A carrier-neutral data center offers multiple options for connectivity, whereas a non-carrier-neutral data center only has one option.

Here are some reasons your business in Orlando, Space Coast, Tampa, and other Florida areas should consider using a carrier-neutral data center for your colocation provider.

Why Is Carrier Neutrality Important?

Carrier neutrality is very important to a data center customer, as it gives options for blended connectivity. A non-carrier-neutral data center only leaves you with one service option and limited connectivity options. With a carrier-neutral data center, the business gets several advantages over a non-carrier-neutral data center.

Advantages of Using Carrier-Neutral Data Centers

Using a carrier-neutral data center has many advantages, including:

  • It is cost-efficient to the consumer
  • Offers increased flexibility
  • More competition means there is a better rate negotiating position
  • More capability for the data center to interconnect
  • Reduces the risk of downtime as multiple connectivity options can step in should the first one fail for any reason
  • Redundancy
  • Increased scalability means that depending on the business needs, you can easily extend your network and/or grow it faster
  • The more carriers at a facility means it’s...
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5 Reasons You're Wasting Money Not Using a Data Center

5 Reasons You're Wasting Money Not Using a Data Center

So, you have built yourself a small data center for your growing business. You have a few servers and things seem to be going alright — but could they be better? Even if your data center is supplying your needs right now, a good business-mindset would keep you focused on ways to improve your business and stop wasting money. Unfortunately, you might not even know the ways you are wasting money, so we have put together a small list of reasons you are simply letting your money slip away by not using a data center for your company’s IT needs.

#1: Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a huge factor when running a successful data center, as you may have already figured out. Unfortunately it is not usually unlimited for any individual business with access to only one internet service provider, neither is it very cheap. Not only are data centers located in areas where a number of high-quality internet providers overlap, they have more purchasing power than you, and can therefore negotiate better prices. Another wall that may prove to be annoying is that lying high-bandwidth fiber can simply be out of reach for most businesses with small data centers. This is because the price of laying fibers just to reach your business is often estimated at $10,000 per mile.

Here is another thing to consider — If you think that the simple cost of your monthly usage is the only way your business will be paying due to bandwidth, then you are sorely mistaken. As your business grows, you...

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Top 2 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to a Data Center

Top 2 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to a Data Center

Many small businesses are finding that they are expanding and, therefore, have increased IT infrastructure needs. This can present itself as the increased need for data storage, online communication, or product orders. It’s possible you have already invested in building a small private data center, or maybe you have only recently realized your increased need and are looking to resolve it.

Whatever the case, you are likely already familiar with the fact that building and maintaining a private data center can become very stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Purchasing the right server equipment, installing the cables and cooling systems necessary, along with keeping knowledgeable staff on-site to help you solve any problems that are sure to arise, can become an unnecessary strain on your business, and can ultimately steal your focus away from real money-making pursuits.

There are many ways that colocation services can improve your business and make your life easier, but let’s focus on the two main benefits that these services offer.

#1: Reliability

When you decide to install your own server equipment on-site at your business, you are choosing to take on a huge amount of risk. The likelihood that you chose the location of your business due to the wonderful internet reliability is very low. Most likely, the location of your business was driven by the high physical traffic of potential customers, not the reliability and cost-effectiveness of running...

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