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Virtual Desktops Hosted In Our Cloud

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Virtual hosted desktop solutions simplify workflow and IT infrastructure management.

Remote desktops allow multiple users to access their company's workspace and data without the need for the capital expense for server hardware and extends the life of employee hardware.

We offer an advanced solution for workplaces, with file sharing, multiple user access, and little to no need for on-site tech support. Processing is done at our secure central Florida data center, allowing easy access to users from nearly any device.

In the past, companies required in-house IT infrastructure, which included servers, stacks, and powerful network architecture to keep things moving at the speed of business. In addition, on-site IT technicians were needed to troubleshoot issues and maintain servers.

Our virtual hosted desktop solutions eliminate the need for an on-site server and IT technician!

Virtual Hosted Desktop Offers Remote Access for Users to Share Files & Software in Real Time

With our remote desktop system, all users have a full “virtual” desktop that they can access from desktops, laptops, tablets, and cellular phones. Each user will have their own virtual workspace which can include multiple monitors with full access to a line of business software. We also offer support for a large variety of common desktop applications

One of our larger remote desktop clients operates a home health care agency with offices in three states. The employees in each of their six offices seamlessly navigate shared files with multi-user, real-time editing with the same speed and accuracy of regular computing.

With our virtual desktop infrastructure, multi-site companies no longer need to rely on slow VPNs or expensive leased lines to provide connectivity to shared resources and files. Because the data and compute are stored centrally, and the desktops are streamed in real-time to end users, it is as if the entire office is in one building.

Contact us for questions about the intra-network remote desktop.

Automatic Backup & Quick Restore Protects from Outside Attack or Malicious Users

In the event of data loss, due to accident or malicious acts, our systems provide hardware snapshots for immediate restoration in the event of large data loss such as a crypto-locker or ransomware attack, as well as file-level restoration to recover accidentally deleted files. We also have advanced offsite backup and replication options available to provide copies of your backups and live data at an offsite location in the Mid-Atlantic for additional data redundancy and protection from catastrophic events.

Secure Central Florida Location Protects Data with Dual Factor Authentication & Advanced On-site Security

Our central Florida data center is equipped with advanced on-site security to ensure the protection of the data it houses. Multi-factor physical identification and carded entry are required for access. Only credentialed, authorized technicians and employees will be granted entry. Our facility is safe-guarded with continuously monitored security camera systems. In addition, we comply with annual audits for SOC1 (SSAE16) Type II credentials.

Other Benefits of Virtual Desktops Include Fixed Cost, Secure Corporate Data, & More

Our virtual hosted desktop services provide other benefits to your company as well. For example, we can ensure that your corporate data is secure both internally and externally with options we offer such as:

  • Only company-approved software on the server/desktop
  • User access permission for applications and data can be defined by your company
  • Permission for adding or removing data is defined by your company
  • Data in the cloud can be accessed through any device but the data remains in one location in the cloud
  • Web surfing capabilities can be removed
  • Group policies can be defined to add or eliminate access and rules
  • Individual firewalls are implemented on each server
  • Data can be encrypted at rest
  • Daily verified backups and 4 daily snapshots

With our Pay As Your Grow Expansion program, you'll see fixed costs. Your server will remain at a fixed cost and size until you order an expansion or add more users. Our virtual desktop users do not need to perform hardware updates or increase capital expenses. Adding or removing users is easy and quickly performed on a subscription basis. You can eliminate on-site IT costs and hardware upgrade costs. The only potential points of failure, which are easily mitigated, include your internet provider, your local firewall, and your wireless office system.

Call or email our sales team today to get started!

At Colo Solutions, we provide “always on” power through multi-redundant UPS backups along with 100 megabit data to all clients. Advanced physical and network security keep your data secure. Call (407) 210-2480 to get started with our remote desktop/virtual hosted desktop service. Our clients are nationwide and our Orlando building is centrally located for areas such as Tampa, Lakeland, Daytona Beach, and other Florida areas.

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